Virtual Winter TT series (ZWIFT riders) Starting Thursday 14th January and then weekly

  • British Cycling Time Trial Series, utilised
  • Events starting14th January and weekly thereafter
  • Riders can join either the 12:20pm or 6:30pm ride (any category via Zwift Companion).
  • Same timings every week.
  • The ride is a mass start, but there is NO drafting effect so you will very quickly be riding solo.
  • Course changes weekly
  • Preferably a member of HCC on Zwift Power, but not essential; for ease of results collation.
  • Riders to post a photo from Zwift Companion of their results in their Strava account for ease of collation.
  • Results will be posted weekly on HCC website, 1st, 2nd, 3rd and top Vet (but Vets “plus” time will be take from Zwiftpower result calculation)

Unfortunately this is only open to members with Zwift access, sorry

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