Covid update 4/7/20

In line with British Cycling guidance to member clubs in respect of compliance with COVID 19 restrictions, club rides were permitted to recommence from June 18th but with restrictions both on group sizing (max 6) and compliance with current social distancing (2 metres). More guidance has been released today, when it was announced that led rides including Breeze and Guided Rides would commence again from this weekend. Group size and social distancing measures have not changed and therefore still apply. HCC rides on Sundays will therefore depart as normal from the Broadway Houghton (see within website for further details) however this Sunday 5th July is projected as being very windy so the 9.30 group will meet from Sunday 12th July.
The 9.30am ride on Sunday 12th July will be an easy paced 25 -30 mile ride, meet before 9:30am in the Broadway Houghton, this is intended for new members or cyclists interested in joining the club (current group sizing is for maximum group of 6 cyclists, so subgroups may occur dependent upon how many turn up). Also, By next Sunday 12th we should be in a better position to judge if a cafe/drink stop is viable on this proposed ride.
Other members, can also obviously do as they wish, within the current social distancing guidelines, otherwise they are most welcome to join this proposed ride.