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Competitions and Events

Taking part in events and competitions is a great way to develop your skills, push yourself a little further and socialise with other members. We encourage all our members to join in.

Upcoming Events

Houghton Open events for 2020 (all Sundays)

Open 25 – 21st June

Open 10 -2nd August

Open Hill Climb – 11th Oct

no event

Time Trials

Club 10 Mile Series

The 2020 series of club 10 mile time trials will be postponed pending further covid-19 announcements.

Full results and final standings from the 2019 series can be found in “news and results”and bottom of this page for HCC riders.

If you are interested in time trialling but are looking for some additional information about how it all works, the following link should be of some help

Find out more about the club 10 mile route

Open Time Trials

For details of the 2020 open time trials in the region, click on below link (NE2020CTT).


Houghton Cycling Club 10 TT results table 2019 (club members only)

Name 8th May 15th May 22nd May 29th May 5th June 12th June 19th June 26th June 3rd July 10th July
R.CHESLIN 29:52 29:32 29:42 30:40 30:07 29:21
K.GOWLAND (L) 25:00 24:59 24:44 24:38 25:04 24:23
L.STATHAM 23:59 24:42 23:48 23:53
P.ROBSON 23:51 24:07 24:12 24:18 24:00
N.WEDDLE 21:41 21:39 21:54 21:29
P.HOLLICK 27:51 27:49 26:58 26:41
M.SINCLAIR (L) 30:15 (R) 29:49 (R)
P.SINCLAIR 24:41 (R) 24:17 (R)